Titles of Blog Entries (ES, EN, FR)

Titres des billets de blogue / Títulos de textos de blogs

A few visitors have told me that I should create a page that lists all blog entries and their respective languages. Well, I have listened. Here are all the entries I have written since creating this blog/website in November 2012.


EN = English

ES = Español (espagnol / Spanish)

FR = Français (francés / French)

PT = Português (portugais / Portuguese)

NOTE: I have classed titles by main word and first line. Where applicable, all indefinite and definite articles are placed at the end.

ABC de los profesionales de servicios lingüísticos, El (ES)

ABCs of language professionals, The (EN)

Addendum to latest post (EN)

All about Spanish Grammar (EN and some ES)

All about translation and editing (EN)

ATA & Election Trivia (EN)

Attempting to translate into another target language (EN)

B.A.-ba des langagiers professionnels, Le (FR)

Because, Owing, Due to… (EN)

Bilingual or multilingual positions in the workplace (EN)

Bilingualism & Multilingualism: Job Postings (EN)

Bouquin pour les débutants, Un (FR)

Ch-ch-ch-changes! (EN)

Commission Charbonneau, La = Charbonneau Commission (EN)


“Do not put statements in the negative form.” (EN, FR)

¡Feliz Año Nuevo! (ES, EN, FR)

Few wishes and reminders, A (EN)

Foreign Languages in English-Language Contexts: Part I (EN)

Foreign Languages in English-Language Contexts: Part II (EN)

Futebol & Fútbol = Football? (EN)

Futebol et le fútbol, Le (FR)

Getting to Know You (EN)

Good news! (EN, ES, FR)

Goodbye, 2013 (EN)

Have you made any new year resolutions? (EN)

How is everyone doing? (EN)

I have returned (EN)

In Preparation for Certification Exams… (EN)

Language-Professional Events… (EN)

Language-professional workshops (EN)

Language Services: More than Translation! (EN)

Linguee Available in Other Languages! (EN)

Media: Singular or Plural? (EN)

Medical Dictionary in Three Languages, A (EN + some ES & PT)

Many Faces of Spanish, The (EN)

Mind Your “It’ses” and “Itses,” Please! (EN)

Montreal’s Subway Stations & Articles, Prepositions (EN)

New blog entries coming soon! (EN)

New blog posts soon! (EN)

Non-Restrictive and Restrictive Sentences (EN)

Overused Words & Conciseness (EN)

Point sur la traduction et la révision, Le (FR)

Popular translation tool, A (EN)

Potpourri of Texts: Language, Translation, and Interpretation (EN)

Psst! Writers, Editors, Where Are You? (EN)

Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree (EN)

Same blog, same content, different address (EN)

Services langagiers (Les) : bien plus que de la traduction! (FR)

Soccer Time! (EN)

Some burning translation questions (EN)

Some Good Reads! (EN)

Some interesting texts to read! (EN)

Sondage sur les outils informatiques (FR)

Spanish: revisión, French: révision (EN)

Spanish: revisor, French: réviseur (EN)

Special thanks to my colleagues! (EN)

Summertime and the living is easy… (EN)

Supplements, Gallicisms, Terminology Galore! (EN with some ES & FR)

SVP, Please (with the cherry on top) (EN)

Tools for Specialized Translation, You Say? (EN)

Traduction et ses subtilités, La (FR)

Translation and its Subtleties (EN)

Translation from Spanish: Experiences (ES, EN)

Ukraine, Language, Elections, and False Friends—Oh My! (EN + some FR & ES)

Use of “I” and “Me” (EN)

Volunteering and Language Services (EN)

Why are English translations shorter…? (EN)

Work, Collaborations… (EN)



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