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Overused Words & Conciseness

During the summer, I have had several opportunities to read publications on a variety of topics: film archives, shyness, music—the list goes on. I also listened to several breaking news headlines on television. As I was reading and listening, I couldn’t help but ask myself why authors and spokespeople loved long-winded, overused words and structures […]

Because, Owing, Due to…

I have taken a leaf from André Racicot and have decided to consecrate this blog entry to a specific English grammar concept. Since I have recently been fascinated by the use of because, owing to, and due to in English writing, I thought about writing something on the subject. How many times have you seen […]

Why are English translations shorter than foreign language texts?

Résumé en français : Avec l’aide de quatre éléments (subordination, articulation, usages de ponctuation, verbosité), ce billet expliquera pourquoi les traductions anglaises sont souvent, sinon toujours, plus courtes que les textes étrangers. Pour ce blogue, je donne des exemples de textes espagnols et français qui cadrent dans les éléments abordés, et je fournis ensuite les […]