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Overused Words & Conciseness

During the summer, I have had several opportunities to read publications on a variety of topics: film archives, shyness, music—the list goes on. I also listened to several breaking news headlines on television. As I was reading and listening, I couldn’t help but ask myself why authors and spokespeople loved long-winded, overused words and structures […]

Bilingualism and Multilingualism: Job Postings

A recent job posting listed the following skill sets*: • 10 ans d’expérience pertinente en transport comme gestionnaire; • Baccalauréat en transport et logistique ou expérience pertinente; • Bonne connaissance d’un milieu syndiqué; • Capacité de travailler avec des délais très courts ; • Habileté à gérer plusieurs projets simultanément ; • Bonne connaissance de […]

Linguee Available in Other Languages!

Last February, I wrote a blog entry about Linguee, a unique translation database that stores several terminology records from a variety of government, not-for-profit, and promotional texts. Late last year, the staff of Linguee’s English-language department added six new languages to the existing language combinations: Russian, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and Polish. Just recently, I […]

Tools for Specialized Translation, You Say?

This weekend, I had some time to discover tools that could be useful for my colleagues who specialize in some translation fields. Mind you, I don’t have some of these resources. However, I thought I should share them with you. If any of you have them in your possession, share your thoughts with me and […]

Some interesting texts to read!

A few weeks ago, I assisted my colleague Mariko Beaupré with editing an English text about her experiences with yoga. I am glad to report that you can read the final version on this website. Pour les francophones : vous avez un site internet ou blogue de yoga et vous voulez que les textes anglais […]

♪♫ Getting to know you…! ♪♫

Hello, everyone, Recently, I consulted Sadie Scapillato‘s website and was in for a nice treat. She asked web surfers 10 easy questions. The purpose behind them is simple: Sadie simply wants to know who we are, what we do, and how we appreciate our careers as language professionals (translators, editors, proofreaders…). This was a great […]

Bilingual or multilingual professions in the workplace: Vraiment? ¡Qué va!

Résumé en français : Des professions bilingues et multilingues au travail : Really? Not at all! De nos jours, il est fréquent de constater la quantité d’offres d’emploi qui exigent le bilinguisme ou multilinguisme complet des langagiers au travail. Pourquoi les employeurs veulent-ils des langagiers bilingues et multilingues à tout prix ? Quels en sont les […]