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Delay ≠ délai; délai ≠ delay

In keeping with a promise I made to share some common Gallicisms with you, here’s one I constantly see in French copy and English translations: délai = delay, and vice-versa. As I was consulting my Facebook news feed this morning, I read the following French message in form of a camera shot (underlining is mine): « Madame, […]

Soccer Time!

As you know, the 2014 Fédération Internationale de Football Association’s World Cup is now underway. I hope some of you have taken some time out of your schedule to take part in the action. With the help of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s sister station, the Société Radio-Canada (SRC), and the federal government’s Translation Bureau, it […]

ATA & Election Trivia

When I checked my inbox this morning, I noticed two messages from the American Translators Association (ATA). Both contained my membership number; one of the messages, however, directed me to the association’s website where I could create my profile. What could all this mean? Simply put, I am now an ATA Associate Member! It is […]

La commission Charbonneau = Charbonneau Commission or Commission Inquiry. Why two English equivalents for one French generic term?

Résumé en français : De façon générale, les phrases, expressions ou termes employés en français ont un seul équivalent dans une langue d’arrivée quelconque. Si on en juge par certains contextes journalistiques, l’énoncé susmentionné s’avère être vrai. Cependant, une phrase, une expression ou un terme dans la langue source peut avoir plusieurs équivalents dans la langue […]