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I have returned to my blogging duties!I have

I have returned to my blogging duties! I have many things to report in this post, so I should get right to it! First, I am happy to report that I completed my translation certificate two months ago. I am now looking for work or contracts at an incredible rate. Here’s hoping something comes up. […]

New blog posts soon!

Hi, everyone, It may appear that I have abandoned my blog for good, but that’s not so! These past few weeks have been busy for me because of the number of projects I have taken on. Fear not, though: I will be posting some articles as soon as I have the time. (Trust me, despite […]

A few wishes and reminders…

Que la langue française soit votre langue de travail ou langue maternelle, je vous souhaite une bonne Journée internationale de la Francophonie ! It may appear as though winter has not left us (especially in Montreal), but rest assured that spring has sprung! Further to my post last month, Linguee has officially launched its new […]

¡Feliz Año Nuevo! Bonne année ! Happy New Year!

After a short absence, I decided to update my blog/website for future visitors! I resolve to add a few articles on this home page in coming weeks or months. One should be published soon, and I will certainly post it here for you to read! Lorsque c’est possible, je ferai un effort à écrire un […]


Bonjour, tout le monde ! Je vous souhaite la bienvenue à mon blogue / site web. Il est mon souhait que j’obtienne une visibilité sur le marché professionnel, ce qui augmentera les possibilités de trouver de nouveaux clients et profiter de nouvelles occasions de carrière. Sentez-vous libre de visiter de façon régulière ! N’oubliez pas […]