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Work, Collaborations…

I just realized that it has been three weeks since I haven’t posted anything on my blog. I tell you no lies: I have been really busy with many projects this month—so busy that I haven’t had much time to write texts. Considering that this may well be the last blog entry for this month, […]

A Medical Dictionary in Three Languages

It’s like telepathy: some of my colleagues have been asking about specialized dictionaries on online forums or in person. Clearly, I haven’t been the only one asking around! In my search for dictionaries in various fields, such as medicine, environment, and communication, I crossed paths with a medical dictionary on Amazon’s website. At first I […]

In Preparation for Certification Exams…

Yesterday, a friend and I spent the morning and part of the afternoon at Montreal’s courthouse, the Palais de justice de Montréal. We had the time to meet interpreters and seek their advice (more of this will follow in another entry). I mentioned the above information to say this: one of the interpreters suggested my […]

Ukraine, Language, Elections, and False Friends—Oh My!

Here in Quebec, the belle province, it’s March break for some of us. For others, it’s a regular workweek. If you happen to have a winter holiday, you may be interested in reading some articles or seeing videoclips I came across late last week and this week. Most of you are aware of the current […]

Psst! Writers, Editors, Where Are You?

If you’re a writer or editor, the Editors’ Association of Canada (EAC)/Association canadienne des réviseurs (ACR) could use you for its next issue of Active Voice/Voix active, a bi-yearly national and bilingual magazine that puts editing and editors to the fore. In this publication you can read about members’ activities, conferences, and topics that not […]

Tools for Specialized Translation, You Say?

This weekend, I had some time to discover tools that could be useful for my colleagues who specialize in some translation fields. Mind you, I don’t have some of these resources. However, I thought I should share them with you. If any of you have them in your possession, share your thoughts with me and […]

The Many Faces of Spanish

Greetings! It is my pleasure to announce that Martin Boyd, owner-operator of Diálogos Intercultural Services, has recently published my review of The Story of Spanish, a book co-written by Canadian authors Jean-Benoît Nadeau and Julie Barlow. Below is an excerpt of the text. According to 2012 statistics prepared by the Cervantes Institute, Spanish is the […]

Un bouquin pour les débutants en traduction hispanique

Vous traduisez du français vers l’espagnol ou vice-versa? Vous êtes traducteur débutant? Avez-vous déjà eu de la difficulté à vous procurer un ouvrage qui se concentre sur l’espagnol et le français? Si vous avez répondu par l’affirmative, le livre suivant peut vous être utile! Traducir : Initiation à la pratique de la traduction est l’œuvre de […]

Special thanks to my colleagues!

As many of you know, most translated works scheduled for publication—e.g. newspaper articles, government documents—are anonymous. All we know is that they have been translated. The end target readers decide whether or not the works are good translations. But when it comes to literary and dramatic works, we often know who the translators are. How […]

Good news! ¡Buenas noticias! Bonne nouvelle !

Andrew Greenfield, a collaborator for Life in Quebec, based in Quebec City, posted my recent article on its blog. By the same token, I am pleased to announce that I have now become a collaborator for this magazine! If you live in Quebec City and the surrounding area, be sure to pick up the next […]