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Collaborators Wanted

Would a few people be interested in collaborating on my blog? I endeavour to reach out to an editor and a couple of translators-revisers when I want to talk about a general topic related to the language industry. These include summaries of events, book or dictionary reviews, software for professionals, or terminology usage. Subjects regarding […]

Potpourri of Texts: Language, Translation, and Interpretation

I have had the pleasure of reading a number of interesting texts related to language, translation, and interpretation this week. If you have some down time, I suggest you read them. You’ll find some texts informative and others humorous. Any interpreters in the house? Tony Rosado, an American English<>Spanish interpreter, recently wrote an informative and […]

Language Services: More than Translation!

I am often asked what I do for a living. I tell people that I am a self-employed worker in the language services industry. At the sound of that answer, some become perplexed; I must therefore specify: “I am a freelance writer, translator, and editor.” But it seems that many ignore the writer and editor […]

Language-Professional Events in Montreal—and Across Quebec

Despite Mother Nature’s tricks, spring has sprung! Many of us will now feel like getting out of our houses after a long, cold, snowy winter. What better time to get out there and participate in events in Montreal and across the province! Last night, I learned that an event gathering translators and authors will take […]

Volunteering and Language Services

Recently, my Belgian colleague Elise Lignian wrote an article about volunteering. Perfect timing! I have dedicated myself to volunteering as well. In an effort not to repeat what Elise said (I agree with all the reasons why language professionals should volunteer), I invite you to read her entry here. By way of a disclaimer, you […]

Psst! Writers, Editors, Where Are You?

If you’re a writer or editor, the Editors’ Association of Canada (EAC)/Association canadienne des réviseurs (ACR) could use you for its next issue of Active Voice/Voix active, a bi-yearly national and bilingual magazine that puts editing and editors to the fore. In this publication you can read about members’ activities, conferences, and topics that not […]

Some interesting texts to read!

A few weeks ago, I assisted my colleague Mariko Beaupré with editing an English text about her experiences with yoga. I am glad to report that you can read the final version on this website. Pour les francophones : vous avez un site internet ou blogue de yoga et vous voulez que les textes anglais […]

Special thanks to my colleagues!

As many of you know, most translated works scheduled for publication—e.g. newspaper articles, government documents—are anonymous. All we know is that they have been translated. The end target readers decide whether or not the works are good translations. But when it comes to literary and dramatic works, we often know who the translators are. How […]

El ABC de los profesionales de servicios lingüísticos: ¿quiénes somos, qué hacemos?

Recientemente un compañero del coro y colega me invitó a un desayuno organizado por el capítulo Canadá de la organización Business Network International (BNI). Este evento reunió unos 80 profesionales provenientes de una amplia gama de disciplinas. Después del desayuno tuve la oportunidad de hablar con algunos miembros e invitados presentes.  Uno de los invitados […]

Le b.a.-ba des langagiers : qui sommes-nous et que faisons-nous?

Un collègue et ami de la chorale m’a récemment invité à un petit-déjeuner organisé par BNI Canada. L’événement rassemblait près de 80 membres et invités, tous des professionnels d’horizons divers. Dans un des nombreux échanges qui ont suivi le repas, un invité me faisait remarquer que la plupart, voire la totalité de mes clients potentiels sont […]