Tools for Specialized Translation, You Say?

This weekend, I had some time to discover tools that could be useful for my colleagues who specialize in some translation fields. Mind you, I don’t have some of these resources. However, I thought I should share them with you. If any of you have them in your possession, share your thoughts with me and other visitors. If it were possible, provide us with excerpts of the resources (e.g. dictionary entries, terminology records, etc.).

If any of you work in the petroleum and gas fields, you’ll find this online dictionary interesting. The dictionary, prepared and provided by LingInfo, a company specializing in technical translations for the petroleum industry, collects over 90,000 terms directly related to the oil and gas industry. Founded in 2004, the Dictionary of Petroleum and Gas Terms provides terms and translations in English, Italian, Russian, and French. The dictionary also has a glossary. You are able to search for a term, abbreviation, or definition in one of five languages: German, Russian, French, Italian, and English.

Might anyone be intrigued by the marine industry? If so, you’d love to visit the Marine Research Institute‘s website. The one thing I liked about this site is that you can search for any kind of fish species by typing a term in the search engine. What’s more, you can look for any fish species in one of 11 languages, including Icelandic, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, Latin, and French. You have access to an online gallery, a bibliography, and a wealth of additional sources.

Is remote sensing your cup of tea? Check out this website! You’ll find three indices, one in each language: German, Italian, and English. The first two indices list terms and translations from and into English and German. The last index lists terms in Italian and provides English equivalents. Judging from the terms I saw, this is a site that radiologists, photographers, and scientists will enjoy.

If you thought the oil and gas, marine, and remote sensing industries were out of your league, perhaps business and legal translation websites and dictionaries are up your alley. The amount of resources I saw in both fields were plentiful. Listing all of them in this post would be too long, so I’ll provide you with a few. As always, please feel free to share findings I may not have mentioned here.

Andy Miles’ online Spanish-English and English-Spanish business glossary is easy to navigate, and you may search for terms and translations in either direction. (Be sure to click the Spanish to English icon at the bottom of the page if you wish to find English translations.) How do search for translations on this website? All you have to do is write an English—or Spanish—business word in the search box and click on the button below the box. You will then see various equivalents according to the term you searched.

Lastly, below are some business and legal dictionaries some colleagues may find useful. They are ideal for those who work with German as a source or target language.

Diccionario de Derecho, Economía y Política, Tomo 1: Español-Alemán ~ Wörterbuch Recht, Wirtschaft, Politik Band 1: Spanisch-Deutsch &  Band 2: Deutsch-Spanisch Tomo 2: Alemán-Español, ed. C.H. Beck, Thomson, Aranzadi

Wörterbuch Recht und Wirtschaft Deutsch-Franzözisch, Band 2, 7.Auflage ~ Dictionnaire juridique et économique allemand-français, tome 2, 7e édition, ed. Doucet/Fleck, C.H. Beck, Helbing Lichtenhahn, Manz

Wörterbuch für Recht und Wirtschaft Deutsch-Italienisch, Band 1, 3.Auflage ~ Vocabolario del diritto e dell’economia tedesco-italiano, Tomo 1, 3a edizione, ed. Troike Strambaci, Helffrich Mariani, C.H. Beck, Giuffrè

Do you know of any other specialized multilingual dictionaries or glossaries that would be useful for visitors? Are these resources available in languages aside from English, Spanish, French, German, or Italian? Share them with us!


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  1. I’ve always liked, especially the forums used by translators at the bottom of the pages. It is currently available for 17 languages and gives a context for the translation, either medical, legal, governmental, etc. A great free tool!

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