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Summertime and the living is easy…

The lazy, hazy days of summer linger around until late September. But vacation soon comes to an end, and students go back to school soon… Well, not all students. It has been four months since I completed my translation certificate. Since then, I’ve been trying to find myself work. To date, I have had some […]

Spanish: revisor, French: réviseur. What job title best suits an English-language context?

Here’s another million-dollar question. In my last post, I made every effort to make a distinction among the terms revision, editing, and copy editing. In so doing, my hope was to make English-speaking professionals’ lives easier when asked what type of work they do. Now we have another conundrum: what do we call ourselves when […]

Spanish: revisión, French: révision. English equivalent?

For quite some time, I have been asking myself the above question. I have also asked myself what the appropriate English terms would be for, say, the French révision linguistique ou unilingue and révision comparative ou bilingue. Spanish has no problem using revisión lingüística (monolingüe) and revisión comparativa (bilingüe). In either Latin language, the generic […]

Language-professional workshops at the Translation Bureau: a new discovery!

Have you always wondered if it was possible to participate in language-professional workshops through the Canadian government? Wonder no more! I discovered, by way of André Racicot, French writer and translator, that the Public Works and Government Services Canada’s Translation Bureau provides French- and English-speaking language professionals the opportunity to hone their language skills through […]

Sondage sur les outils informatiques de la rédaction

  Excellent samedi à tutti ! Voici un sondage qui saura vous intéresser. A priori, il cible les outils informatiques qui concernent la rédaction professionnelle (pas la traduction), mais ne vous inquiétez pas, chers traducteurs, car vous pouvez tout de même participer à ce sondage si vous rédigez les textes quotidiennement (et vous le faites […]