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Foreign Languages in English-Language Contexts: Part II

Last week, I presented a few tidbits about the use of French in an English-language context. As many of you know, I work with Spanish—or at least try to do so—in my daily translation and revision activities. That said, I thought that it would be a good idea to present some pointers that could cause […]


Foreign Languages in English-Language Contexts: Part I

If you often work with French or live in a French-speaking community, city, or province like Quebec, you are likely faced with this never-ending problem: how to deal with titles or organizations in English-language contexts. You might ask yourself how to grapple with unilingual French names. For instance, should you provide an officious equivalent in […]

Addendum to latest post

I realize that not everyone who follows my blog (or someone else’s) is a translator. That said, I thought that I should reproduce Sadie’s questions, but tailor them more toward other professionals (copy editors, writers, proofreaders, etc.). Without further ado, here they are: Four-parter: Where do you live? What are your working languages? How did you learn […]

♪♫ Getting to know you…! ♪♫

Hello, everyone, Recently, I consulted Sadie Scapillato‘s website and was in for a nice treat. She asked web surfers 10 easy questions. The purpose behind them is simple: Sadie simply wants to know who we are, what we do, and how we appreciate our careers as language professionals (translators, editors, proofreaders…). This was a great […]

SVP, Please (with the cherry on top) edit and proofread your texts before publication!

I spent the wee hours of Thursday morning browsing a number of Twitter posts. Of the many that caught my interest, I stumbled on two — one in French, the other in English. In fact, these posts took the form of a blog entry and a photo gallery, respectively. The blog entry, written by Quebec […]